Dark Eldar Painting – The Beginning

Ok, the second post and this should be the main theme of this blog (seeing as it has painting in the name), the models and making decisions.

The box of Kabalites was bought a few weeks ago but it’s only in the last week that I started painting with a little dedication. So far they seem to be going fairly well but as with most plans surviving first contact, or first brush stroke in this case, is tricky.

The first pick was to go with some already setup fluff so decided on Obsidian Rose as the Kabalite unit of choice so its black and red for the looks. I decided to go with straight black for the armour (rather than a black/red gore mix that seems fairly common) as I preferred the contrast between the black and the highlights.

So first stage was black undercoat, the loin cloths and the initial edging to find out just how rusty my painting was.

This turned out fairly well, my first edge highlight layer was a little shaky and a little to narrow but not too bad. Next up I layered the highlights on leading too…

Which turned out pretty well for my first few painting sessions, now onto the lessons learned and the decisions to be made! First up I need to be more confidant with the thickness of the first layers of highlight, most of this banding was about 2-3mm or so wide on the first layer, which when your building up 4 layers of highlight is not wide enough, so for the rest I’m aiming for a more consistent 3-5mm depending on the model and area.

As for the decisions I’m trying to decide whether to go with the red/orange/orange + white mix for the highlights or to change to a red/orange/yellow mix. But this will be a trial for another blog.


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