Dark Eldar Painting – Heads and Bits

Ok it’s been a few days so here’s the update and some thoughts on the work so far. But first some pictures! (apologies in advance for the blurry pictures was in a bit of a rush this morning but hopefully i’ll get some better ones up at the weekend)

Ok so first up the head was obviously started and mostly finished from the last post! including getting an eye done which I had been a little nervous about but the more I paint the steadier the hands getting also started on the grey highlights for the black edges, a little rough but it’ll be neaten’d up.

The elf flesh I had was a little too pinky so I mixed in some fortress grey to tone it down (Will post the mix / layers I posted on Dakka at the end)

Ok well those are the blurry photos from this morning, some work on the back was done. A lot of the metal studs and pegs were painted bolt gun and highlight with chainmail. Painted wearing on the copper sections with chainmail too, although it needs a little neatening up. Fixed up the outline on the eye and finally painted the gem on the front of the suit.

All in all its going fairly well, going to work on the back and weapons next and hopefully have a completed model this weekend!

As for lessons learn’t well the eye was easier than I thought it would be, bracing my hand against a table to hold the model worked nicely and after all the work outlining my detail work is a lot steadier.

The gem worked really well, looked around for guides and most had blending in them which looks great on bigger gems but the yellow one on this suit was a little small for it. In the end I painted a half moon shape round the bottom of the gem in a dark yellow, a smaller half moon inside that one with a lighter yellow and a spot of white to finish.

As for the flesh (this is pinched from a forum post i made on http://www.dakkadakka.com)

Starting from the base

Elf flesh (I also wash the recesses around the nose and eye sockets here with a fair bit of devlan mud)
Elf flesh + Fortress Gray (about a 1:1 or 1.5:1 mix from memory the grays there to tone down the elf flesh)
Bleached Bone + Fortress Gray (Again about 1:1, first layer of highlights)
Skull White + Bleached Bone (2:1 or 3:1 you only add the bone to off-colour the white)

You can simplify the mix a lot if you buy dheneb stone (as it can replace the Elf flesh + Fortress Gray stage but im cheap)

There are also some good examples out their of people who go dheneb stone -> wash -> white/dheneb stone highlight, which looks easier, but I didn’t want to go quite as gray as that.

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