Dark Eldar – Test Model Complete

Well it’s done! (mostly)

Completed the first test model at the weekend, a splinter cannon heavy weapons guy. It’s turned out pretty well, there were a few comments on the fact his backpack looks like a fish head but heyho.

The cannon turned out nicely considering I didn’t have much of a plan to start with.

And that’s the lovely fish eye backpack, which despite the comments i’ve had is still one of my favourite parts.

So, just the basing and the rest of the unit to go. Lessons learnt this time round.

First up, painting on the sprue / glued in place makes painting arms a lot easier, I found that unlike the heads that had a nice place to blue tac for easy painting the arms made life some what difficult with my ham fists. I think for the rest of the batch i’m going to go with painting on the sprue for a better anchor to hold.

Next up is the pose, it was tricky with a heavy weapons guy but for the rest of the unit I think they need a more dynamic poses as it seems to make quite a difference to the finished piece.

Finally edge highlighting with grey on black works really well, a thin line is all you need to being a little definition to an edge I found that the technique of running the edge of the brush along the angled corners worked a lot better than highlighting with the tip as it gave a more consistent line and was less patchy.

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